Things I don’t trust #2
Casual Camouflage
What are you hiding from?


Things I don’t trust #1
Sleeveless Hoodies
What is your purpose other than to cause chaos?


Great song


Me about 10 minutes ago


Well, I’ve made myself a tumblr. Many people use tumblr. I’ve seen a lot of good things coming from it, but I still don’t know exactly “how to tumblr”. I don’t think any of the online entities that I follow on other sites are tumblrs. Tumblring people? So, I don’t know what to follow. I don’t know what to post either. Funny pictures of my dog? Food? No, thats instagram.
Typing this long ass rambling has given me an idea. I can put my writings here. I’m always writing little stories and songs and what not. I don’t have any followers right now but maybe I’ll get some from that.
Is there, like, a character limit on these? I sure hope not. If I tried to get away with this on twitter, twitter be like ” AW HEL NAW, SON. DAS 2 MINI DAM CHARACTERS. BETTA BACK DAT SHIT UP. 140 BICH.
Its 3:07. What am I doing with my life?